Body weight workout tips

There’s so many different styles of training out there now that you might want to try but what about the basics? So many people join a gym and jump straight onto the bench press but how many of them can even do a proper push up? or a pull up? or the guy who’s on the leg press but can’t do a normal squat!

Body weight exercises aren’t just for beginners either so don’t dismiss them because you can do 15+ reps. I bet 99% of you body builders reading this can’t do a pistol squat. Combining bodyweight training and weight training will be great for your training. You will gain more from using them both than you would by just doing one.

In order to figure out what will work best for you, need to find out what your goal is. Another good thing about body weight exercises is you can do them pretty much anywhere. If you’re not comfortable with going to the gym just yet, you can do these in the house. Its also really good to know a body weight program if you’re travelling too because you can do these anywhere.

Heres 10 tips

  1. Ditch the treadmill warm-up and replace it with a circuit of bodyweight exercises.
  2. Try the 1 & a 1/2 rep method. So using a lunge as an example you would lover yourself down in the bottom position, then come up halfway, then go back down and then finally go all the way back up. Try that 10 times and see if its easy.
  3. Use Isometric (static) holds. These are great for increasing joint stability and strength.
  4. Body weight drop sets are a killer – give them a go!
  5. Move beyond push ups! stop doing the basics there are some really hard exercises out there like the Helicopter, dolphin push-up, Falling Tower, leaping frog, spider crawl, pistol squat etc.
  6. If you’re looking to gain strength work in a low rep range. 5-8 reps depending on what you’re doing.

Body weight exercises are all about proper form and control. There more about mobility, strong joints as well as being strong. For example most people can’t do a pistol squat because they just don’t have the mobility – not because they’re not strong enough.

If you are struggling to do the basics there are plenty of guides out there and you should focus on the basics, sit ups, push ups, squats and progress onto doing pull ups. If you’re struggling to do a push up check out premier sports and fitness to get help.


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